Workshops for parents and community

Our Peppercorn Children and Families team provides practical workshops to build your skills as a parent.

Some workshops are held in the holidays for school-aged children, others during the term for mums, dads, grandparents, and carers.

Here are some of the workshops we deliver. We can’t deliver every workshop in every term.

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First Aid for Families

A two-hour information and demonstration session in a relaxed and practical, hands-on environment.  Participants learn how to manage child-related emergencies including

  • child and baby resuscitation
  • choking management
  • near drowning
  • allergic reaction management
  • burns
  • blood loss
  • head injuries and fractures
  • poisoning and stings, and
  • asthma management.

Sing & Grow

Through shared music participation and reflective parental discussion, Sing & Grow will improve the connection between parents and young children.

Family Budgeting

Our budgeting workshop will help you

  • manage your money
  • set savings goals
  • save for what you want
  • manage debt
  • plan for the future and
  • know where to get help and information.

The program is run across three weeks and includes Money Management, Shopping on a Budget, and Cooking on a Budget.

Boat Licensing

Run in conjunction with NSW Roads & Maritime Services, you will learn what is needed to get a boat licence. This half-day course is run from the Wisemans Ferry Community Centre.


Build-A-Mind holiday workshops are a great way for children to try robotics, coding and design for the first time or to build on skills they have already developed.

The program reinforces the Four Cs of 21st-century-learning:

  • creativity
  • communication
  • collaboration, and
  • critical thinking

This small group program inspires and engages children in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

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