Lawn & Home Maintenance

Peppercorn can help you maintain your independence and quality of life. Our program ensures that your home has safer access, and environmental health and safety hazards are minimised. Our service supports residents firstly in the Hawkesbury local government area, and then in Penrith and the Blue Mountains LGAs.

How does Peppercorn’s program work?

Peppercorn’s Home & Garden Maintenance Service can connect you with a local contractor who will provide you with lawn mowing services and minor yard maintenance.

The Government requires us to focus on repairs or maintenance of the home and garden to improve safety, accessibility and independence for your home.

Once your home has been made safe, you will be able to arrange regular visits with the contractor who performs your service.

These regular maintenance services should maintain the accessibility and safety of your home and support your independence, health and wellbeing. These basic services are primarily for function and safety rather than for making your lawns and gardens beautiful.

How much does it cost?

The contractor will let you know how much your garden maintenance will cost. This will depend on the size of your garden, and whether you want other services like lawn edging, pruning, and rubbish and weed removal.

Peppercorn will provide you with vouchers valued $30 each. You can use one voucher for each visit, reducing the overall cost of your lawn & garden maintenance.

Link to:

• Community Care Handbook

Lawn and gardening

• Aged Care Charter of Rights

Am I eligible for subsidised services?

You must be over 65 and have been assessed by My Aged Care as needing assistance with daily living; or you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island person aged over 50 and you have been assessed by My Aged Care as needing assistance with daily living.

Please call My Aged Care 1800 200 422 for your initial assessment and ask to be referred to Peppercorn Services. Funding for our programs is provided by the Commonwealth Government under the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

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