Recovery Support Services

Dedicated support for people and communities impacted by the March 2021 floods

If you have been impacted by the March 2021 floods or the March 2022 floods, the Peppercorn Recovery Support Services can assist you in your recovery by providing individualized support.

The Peppercorn Recovery Support Service has a designated team of employees that can provide short term assistance to ensure that families and people of the community that have been impacted by the March 2021 or March 2022 floods are well supported in their recovery.

Our service offers the following support:

  • assisting you to navigate and connect with services
  • providing information to assist you to seek financial assistance
  • providing support and to coordinate of services for immediate needs
  • providing advocacy to address unmet needs
  • providing emotional support and information or links to specialist counselling and mental health services
  • assisting to strengthen community connections


  1. Peppercorn RSS brochure
  2. Resilience NSW Fact Sheet


Funded under the joint State and Commonwealth Natural Disaster Resilience Program.  The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of the NSW Government.

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